January 2020

Project overview

UniSanté is a Montreal-based medical clinic which distinguishes itself through its uniquely holistic and multidisciplinary offering of services. In order to best treat their patients, the clinic uses a combination of traditional homeopathic and modern Western style medicinal practices.

I was commissionned by the clinic to redesign a new logo which would be flexible, approachable, and modern. The new logo had to represent UniSanté as a credible and professional medical facility, but also manifest the friendly and warm qualities of the staff.

The problem

While UniSanté offers a refreshingly modern alternative to traditional medical clinics and other physical rehabilitation centres, their logomark and website branding did little to reflect their dualistic ethos and came across as dated due to the serif/sans-serif combination.

I wanted to preserve the sense of motion the original logo had, but the "S" shape imagery in the old logo brought the viewer's eye downwards and was reminiscent of a downward spiral — this was adjusted in the new logo by the inclusion of a upward-facing geometric leaf mark, symbolizing growth and recovery.

The solution

It became clear quite early on that one of the better ways to communicate UniSanté's duality and freshen up their visual appearance was to introduce a second color to their branding. This would also help serve the leaf logomark stand out amidst other purple-colored icons.

The new purple and green colors would allow UniSanté to use the logo in multiple contexts, against various backgrounds. Two colors also allows for design accenting, which can be seen in the website redesign mockup on the right.